"If you EZ-Flip It, you won't spill it!"

Our latest product that we are designing is called "EZ-FLIP" (patented). It is a frying pan scientifically redesigned to make cooking easier and more fun. The EZ-Flip pan will make the beginner cook as well as a professional produce beautiful looking dishes.


One day I was preparing breakfast and was struggling to try to cook eggs sunny side up. Either the egg yolks would break or the egg would fly out of the pan right onto my wife's stove. She didn't like the mess that this made. I tried to figure out a way that I could prevent this from happening.


Pan Side View

My mind wandered to the ocean and how a wave rolls over as it breaks onto itself. If I had a pan shaped like a breaking wave and the food can roll over onto itself, the food would not be damaged or fly out onto my wife's stove. So, I designed a pan with a decreasing radius just like a breaking wave. I later discovered that it was great for any type of food I wished to Flip over without damage. The EZ-Flip pan will make a seasoned cook or a beginner a Star in the kitchen.



Crystal Andrews

I have been the lead cook in a local restaurant for 4 years so I know a great pan when I use it. I love this pan! Because of the design, it easy to make everything. I've sauteed with a little dab of butter and no sticking. I've made pancakes and flipped them fast & easy. Hamburgers were a breeze. The double handles made turning any pasta dish in the pan with no spilling. 

Oh and over easy eggs were my favorite thing. Two eggs, no butter, salted, peppered and a little flip made them perfect. Great pan, great design.

Rhonda Dreiling

I was given the opportunity to use the new pan and I was impressed with how easy it was to stir and flip The food I had  prepared. I prepared several different foods.

The prototype was a little bit heavy so the final pan would need to be lighter in order to maneuver it better.

Scott Moser

I got to try the new EZ-Flip pan and I must say it is really a cool pan. I cooked a couple of eggs at the same time and when I went to flip them I was amazed how easy it was!  I just slid them over to the flip side with my spatula and the eggs just turned right over, and my yolk never broke! Great invention! 

Joy, mother of 4

I cooked several dishes over the weekend and my stove remained clean. Food stays in the pan and won't spill out. I really like the pan.

Kristi F.

Having at least one nonstick pan is essential in every cook's kitchen. It has a helper handle and can be interchangeable for left or right-handed persons. The EZ Flip pan works well for all types of cooking.

MOSE Estrada

What a brilliant idea for a pan! I was able to do all my normal cooking with minimum cleanup following. It works great for browning meat, making omelets, sauteing vegetables and so much more.

Tonya Dupree

I was given the pan to try out and it was spectacular.  I stir fry and saute a lot so it worked great never spilled anything out of the pan.  It flipped my scrambled and fried eggs beautifully.  If I could have kept the pan, that is all I would use for everything.  LOVE IT!

License to Manufacture EZ-Flip Pan

A prototype pan is available to any manufacturer who may be serious about purchasing a "license to manufacture". Use it in your company kitchen and experiment with it to come up with new ideas on the use of the EZ-Flip Fry Pan.

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